MESTA to be ELIMINATED, has been recovered

(Note: I have recovered this post from my Samsung Tab 3 Tablet – bless it – and am retyping it here:

Today, Wednesday, March 5 in a personal conversation with Alva Martin, I was told: “We’re consulting with the District Attorney regarding dissolving and eliminating MESTA, so the Commissioners can take over the operations, and maybe settle down this mess.” This is about a direct quote as far as I can remember it, without a recording.

I told Commissioner Martin that I thought that was a very bad idea. That I thought that MESTA was running well, was profitable, and that any problems that had existed which resulted in the replacement of respected and well qualified Bard Members should have, and could have been discussed and worked out. Martin emphasized that the takeover of the 911 dispatch function was a done deal, and they weren’t  backing off!

NOTE added May 4: Later this same morning Martin appeared at the 911 center, according to reports “Raising Hell”, threatening to fire dispatchers, dissolve MESTA, and generally engaging in improper behavior in a place where visitors are restricted from visiting. I understand that an “Incident Report” was prepared. I requested a copy from Rick Langkamp, and he was advised by the MESTA attorney it should not be released under the Open Records Act. The reason was that the Action of Alva created “A Hostile Work Environment” for employees, and this could result in legal action against the County and MESTA. Guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. \

We both agreed that the current situation was “out of hand” and needed to be diffused. We disagreed however in the methods to accomplish this. Martin seems to think that the way to tone down this dissent is to dissolve MESTA, and the problems would go away. I believe however, this is only the beginning of his problems. More later in posts which follow.

My opinion on the other hand is that the problems began with the Commissioners and others effort to take over the 911 dispatch functioning from MESTA. It wasn’t broke, and they tried to fix it. Replacement of the Fixit Six”{my term for the recently appointed Board Members who appear to have an “Agenda” and have shown by their actions that they are NOT operating in the best interests of the citizens of Mayes County), has just accelerated the discourse. Replacement of these 6 directors would do much to restore MESTA to the smooth, and efficient services and operations they have exhibited! Much more than dissolving MESTA, which will only increase discord.

What can you do? TCA!

Tell your friends! Post your thoughts to this blog for all to see;

Contact the Commissioners, contact email addresses elsewhere in this blog.

Attend the Commissioners meetings at 9:30 every Monday at the Courthouse.

Glad to be able to repost this! Those who commented before, feel free to comment again with whatever your think!