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I have practiced law in Pryor (Creek), Oklahoma, since graduation from the Oklahoma University College of Law, and remain in my active law practice. I served as a District Court Judge serving Mayes, Rogers, and Craig Counties until my retirement in 2010. Since my retirement I have served as a Mediator, and engaged in the private practice of law. My wife Tracey, and I have both been very active in civic affairs all of our lives. I had to cut back on this activity while on the bench. Tracey is very active in Rotary, and has served as an Assistant District Governor in Rotary International District 6110, and is a Past President of our Pryor club. We are both Rotary Paul Harris Foundation Fellows. I started this Blog because of serious wrongdoing in the community which I see. I would have had to keep quiet on these matters while a Judge. The purpose of these sites is to provide information on my law practice, and provide a forum for discussion of community issues. Comments on my blog will remain uncensored, and unedited, except for unreasonably improper language. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. I sincerely hope all enjoy visiting this blog, and that it will provide a good forum for community issues.

Sales Tax Case Decision

It’s time this matter comes to a close. Attend the meeting August 18th to tell the Comissioners it is time to pay up and end the case!

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Sales Tax Case Decision

Today, July 31st., Judge John Kane from Nowata announced his decision. He ruled in favor of Diamond Head, and against the Commissioners. Most county fire departments had reprentatives in attendance. Judge Kane ruled for the plaintiffs, and against the county! … Continue reading

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Tammy late for Jury Term!

Sign in my front yard. 😎? Today, July 28th is the first day of the Mayes County Jury Term.  About 150 jurrors were called for jury duty,  and told Don’t be late! Incumbent Court Clerk Tammy Qualls was 45 minutes … Continue reading

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The Election is Over, and our Statatistics are Outstanding!

I just logged in at 9:00 pm on Friday, June 27, and the Statistics on the right column indicated this blog had 9,999 visitorssince it was started in February. I think that is outstanding. LIKE this post if you agree. … Continue reading

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Election Time is here!

Well, Tuesday is Election Day, for the Primary. Early voting Monday at the Courthouse.  The Runoff Election day is August 26th. Check back on my post on the candidates for full information. My selections for candidates are the following: District … Continue reading

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Candidates for County Offices

Well, it’s Election Time in Mayes County NOW is the time to start discussing these issues. If you and your friends [and enemies] post their thoughts about candidates here, you can say things that will never make it to the … Continue reading

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Who visits this Website?

As the Memorial Day weekend is ending, a wanted to share this wonderful Vietnam POW story with you. I hope you enjoy some of these stories I post when local things are reasonably quiet. PLEASE “Like” this post if you … Continue reading

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This gun instructor’s skills will blow your mind

It’s been a bit quiet with the County Commissioners, and local elections. Thought I would share with you this outstanding video of marksmanship. If you enjoy it, hit the “Like” botton. ??

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MESTA Board votes to Separate Systems from the 911 Center

MESTA Board votes to Separate Systems from the 911 Center Tuesday, May 13th the MESTA Board of Directors voted unanimously to Separate their Computer Systems from the County Commissioner operated 911 Center. The vote came after a 3 hour Executive … Continue reading

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County Commissioner Contact Information

County Commissioner Contact Information  I have had several people ask me how to contact the County Commissioners. Below is what I have. Alva Martin: Cell 918-637-7491; Barn Phone 918-785-2449; Barn Fax 918-785-4271; Email Darrell Yoder: Cell 918-693-3475, Residence 918-476-8426; … Continue reading

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