Need your Help and Attendance !

We need your help and attendance at the MESTA Board Meeting at 5 pm at MESTA offices in the Industrial Park Tuesday May 12th.

The question of locating a new Station at Rocklahoma will be again considered by the Board. Last month the “Fixit Six” [5 originals now joined by Dr. Joyce] voted against the move.

I talked with Dr. Joyce this afternoon, and he still seems dead set against any approval of the station at this time. If you are his patient, or know him, please call and ask him to support the Rocklahoma station. Contact info: (918) 824-6407 (Office)(918) 824-6408 (Fax); email

I sent him the following email after our meeting today:

Dear Doc Joyce:

I certainly appreciate your taking the time to visit with me this afternoon concerning the proposed Rocklahoma Station. I hope you will take a few minutes to read this email, and give it your very careful consideration!

Your desire for a “Professional Survey” is certainly understandable, and the estimated $5000 cost is not unreasonable. But you also advised me that the Survey spokesman told you that EMS Staff “Generally” had a pretty good idea as to the best location for a Station. I submit that Rick and Brandon have the experience, and knowledge which can, and should, be relied upon by the Board at this critical time. Certainly a computerized or on site survey could move the station a bit,  perhaps a half mile or so in any direction. The way computers work, that could possibly be in the middle of a Section! Grin.

Please consider what MESTA has to lose from no positive decision now:

  1. Totally free utilities over the 50 plus years life of the Station. This means tens of thousands of dollars in cost savings. Think of free electric heat for the winter, and free air conditioning for the Summer. That means a lot for MESTA costs over the years.
  1. Dave has many “Partners” I know will donate thousands of dollars worth of time and materials if constructed on this site.
  1. The $32,000.00 PLUS cash contribution will definitely be gone if the Board does not approve this location Tuesday.
  1. The health and safety of MESTA employees is at risk from continued occupancy of the Adair Station. Some of their complaints have been:
  1. Mold and mildew in the Station. The Sheetrock was never pulled after water damage, and employees with allergies complain that being at that Station causes their allergies to worsen.
  2. Mice and rodent infestation.
  3. Trash dumpster located right outside the Station entrance. Reported gnats in the Summer, with maggots and flies.
  4. Carbon Monoxide from running fire trucks in the adjoining station.
  5. Firefighters in bunker gear sitting in MESTA recliners in day room, when your employees have to sit elsewhere.

Doc, I sincerely believe that considering ALL of the above, your wanted Survey simply is not worth it to MESTA, and face loss of the above.  I hope that after discussion, and possible citizen input tomorrow, your will vote in favor of the relocation.

Below are some portions from Dave’s letter which you will receive tomorrow night.

  1. “First, I want to say that our organization has nothing to gain from this proposal. Since the beginning of our business, MESTA has provided full on site services at all of our events. The new building will not change how we handle our events.
  1. We propose to deed to MESTA, or enter into a 99 year lease, 1 acre of our property, free and clear of liens, along Road 450 on the North edge of our property. The only restriction being that construction begin within 1 year, and that the site only be used as an ambulance or emergency services station at all times, unless we grant permission for other uses. (This would need to be done by our lawyers, the offer is simple AS LONG AS IT IS USED FOR AMBULANCE-EMERGENCY SERVICE LOCATION for the County you will have the property.)
  1. We shall furnish to the station, free water, electricity and sewer, provided you shall be responsible for the costs of laying line to reach our sewer, as well as any electrical or water hook ups to our current system, for which we will give permission to lay.
  1. We will use our best efforts to secure from our many “partners” donation of labor and materials to help reduce the cost of construction, provided that your contract with the General Contractor will permit this.
  1. I will NOT serve as a General Contractor, but will fully cooperate with the Contractors you may choose. (My original offer included that I would help General contract this project at no cost. I now feel that some will think I have something to gain by it and make controversy, so I have removed that part of the original offer.)

Regarding the Donation of Funds

  1. The following is a bit of history on our raising funds by auction of items, mostly autographed guitars, at our concerts.
  1. The first major donation was given to Joplin tornado Relief, the second year funds were used to help with construction but specifically the radio control system for a tornado Siren at Lakeland serving that surrounding community as well as Salina High Banks Speedway. Also Radio controls were added to the Siren on 450 road to make the siren on our site a year round asset for our community. The 3rd year a large amount of funds went to help with the devastation around Oklahoma City.
  1. The funds still being held are from last year and should have been used a long time ago. I would personally like a decision before Rocklahoma begins on May 22nd so that if questioned on last year’s funds by media we can tell where they went. We will again build a fund at this year’s event and hopefully there will be no major disasters.
  1. Since we are so lucky to have had no nearby disasters this year, our organization decided to donate the approximately $32,000 we have to help with the cost of a New MESTA Station on our property should you elect to do so.
  1. If you decide NOT to build the station, we will review numerous worthy organizations for us to make the grant to.

Once again, we did not initiate this offer. Mr. Langkamp approached us about this after his study as to possible new locations for a station.”

Thanks again for your careful reconsideration. Please call me if you have any questions.

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