It’s Election Time Again!

Well it’s Election time again. Next Tuesday is the day for November General Elections. Congress is expected to have some turnover from the Obama Backlash, the the Republicans are expected to take control of the Senate according to some of the cable news experts. Won’t be much of a Senate contest here though.

On the local front: We have a couple of races, and my choices are as follows:

Associate District Judge

Shawn Taylor is my choice. According to all I know, and reports from attorneys who practice before him, and some litigants, he is doing a good job as Judge, and is fair, impartial, and competent as a Judge should be. Although Tammy Ward is a good person, and attorney, there simply is no reason to replace Shawn with someone with no judicial experience.

County Commissioner

Ryan Ball is our choice in this race, although we won’t be able to vote for him. His district lies East of Lake Hudson, and the Grand River. Ryan is doing a good job. He spoke up when Darrell and Alva tried their takeover of MESTA. I have attended most County Commissioner Meetings since January, and Ryan is a level headed one, who makes good decisions. He has more hours of County Commissioner Training conducted by OSU than almost any Commissioner in the state. There simply is no reason for a change.


Governor Mary Fallin, or “Sugar” as Terry of “The Pooper” calls her, is doing a lousy job in my opinion, and that of many. She has been particularly destructive her positions on education, and I know that most teachers want to see her go.

Joe Dorman the Democrat in the race is NOT an Obama supporter. We don’t know too much about him, but can find out more at his website, ( Click the link to go there) He is clearly the best choice this year.

Second District Congress

Mark Wayne Mullins is doing a good job we believe. He has gotten a bum rap on continuing his plumbing business. We enjoy listening to him on KRMG radio Saturday mornings. I don’t really know much about anyone else in the race, so add your comments to discuss other candidates.

Did you know that the 2nd Congressional District in Oklahoma is both the largest, and the poorest economic district in the nation? Sad but true. We must all work together to try to increase employment and wages in Eastern Oklahoma. Give us your thoughts.

State Superintendent of Schools.

Dr. John Cox of Grove is the candidate supported by all educators in this area that I know of. He is well qualified, and deserves your vote. Click here to visit his website. Ms. Hofmeister is a good candidate and you can visit her website here: But I believe Dr. Cox is best for us.


Early Voting Changes

There is no longer early voting on the Monday before Election Day. Early voting hours are Thursday and Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, and Saturday from 9 am until 2 pm, all at the Courthouse of course. As they used to say in NE Oklahoma: “Vote, and Vote Often, as Many Times as You Can!”


In the early days of this blog, it was a very lively place, with many people posting comments when the Commissioners were attempting to disband MESTA. Things have been a bit slow lately. So liven it up! Please post your comments in support of, or in opposition of what is said here. Remember, there is no censorship or editing here, as long as you keep the language reasonably clean. Something you can’t say about the local press. So please join in.  As always, feel free to call me on my cell at anytime. Judge Dean, 918-373-4055.

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Judge Gary J Dean

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