Election Time is here!

Well, Tuesday is Election Day, for the Primary. Early voting Monday at the Courthouse.  The Runoff Election day is August 26th.

Check back on my post on the candidates for full information.

My selections for candidates are the following:

District Attorney – Erin Oquin is by far the best choice. Janice Steidley deserves to be fired.  See the post on candidates for the full scoop on her incompetence. Matt Ballard has no criminal law experience.

Court Clerk – Rita Harrison is the best choice. Incumbent Tammy Qualls only shows up for work about half of the time. Joni Gates has a bad history.

County Commissioner – Ryan Ball is doing a very good job.  There is no reason to replace him. He has more hours of training than almost every Commissioner in the state. 😎

State Superintendent of Schools – Dr.  John Cox, from Grove is the choice of most of the teachers around here. Ms.  Hoffmeister is another good choice. Irwin seems to be a bit too radical. Janet Baressi deserves to be fired! Statewide NO educators support her.

Second District Congressional – We think that Mark Wayne Mullins is doing a good job. He is getting a bum rap on continuing his plumbing business. We enjoy listening to him on KRMG radio Saturday mornings.



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Judge Gary J Dean

I have practiced law in Pryor (Creek), Oklahoma, since graduation from the Oklahoma University College of Law, and remain in my active law practice. I served as a District Court Judge serving Mayes, Rogers, and Craig Counties until my retirement in 2010. Since my retirement I have served as a Mediator, and engaged in the private practice of law. My wife Tracey, and I have both been very active in civic affairs all of our lives. I had to cut back on this activity while on the bench. Tracey is very active in Rotary, and has served as an Assistant District Governor in Rotary International District 6110, and is a Past President of our Pryor club. We are both Rotary Paul Harris Foundation Fellows. I started this Blog because of serious wrongdoing in the community which I see. I would have had to keep quiet on these matters while a Judge. The purpose of these sites is to provide information on my law practice, and provide a forum for discussion of community issues. Comments on my blog will remain uncensored, and unedited, except for unreasonably improper language. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. I sincerely hope all enjoy visiting this blog, and that it will provide a good forum for community issues.

2 thoughts on “Election Time is here!”

  1. Well Judge, I agree with your candidate picks except for Congressman Mullin. I have always had a problem Mr. Mullin since he ran the first time on “get the government out of business”, then to find out, Mullin Plumbing bid on and got a government project for approx. $350,000.00. Plus, I was told, during the Republican Primary debates 2 years ago, his attendance was very poor and when he did debate, he didn’t know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid.

    1. Frank, I know Mullin has some warts. But I don’t think any of us know much about the other guys running. If you do, post it promptly so we can see it before we go to vote tomorrow. BTW, just found out today at the Courthouse that last year the Legislature eliminated the early voting on Mondays.

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