Recovered: What’s Up for the Week of March 17th

What’s Up for the Week of March 17th

(NOTE: This, as have other posts has been recovered, and is reposted without original comments.)

What’s up for the week?

1. A few thoughts about what’s up for the forthcoming week of March 17th. Commissioners meeting Monday Morning 9:30 am at the Courthouse. All come who can. I had hoped to be on the Agenda for presenting a discussion of my public comment policy for the Commissioners, but I made a mistake in sending it to the wrong email address.

2. I have given Commissioners Ball and Yoder drafts of my proposed policy for their earlier review. Yoder has opened his email, not sure about Ball as of now.

3. Commissioner Martin has not responded to my request for his email address, which I have misplaced, at least on this computer.

4. Assistant DA Isky hasn’t responded to anything I have written him, or returned phone calls. Hope he attends a meeting soon.

5. Hope the Commissioners will seriously consider again permitting public comment, which they stopped some time ago. My policy submitted to them is a good one for everyone, the Commissioners and the Public.

6. Brittany True-Howard, County Clerk has responded to almost everything I requested in my Document Request, just a few items she is working on remain. She is doing a good job as County Clerk, we needed a new one!

7. Commissioner Ball is due to replace Chuck Ward who resigned as a MESTA Board Member, he had enough of the “Fixit Six”.

8. Ball has a good replacement in mind who I hope will accept the position, which required Commission approval. I know this can b done at the Monday meeting under New Business not anticipated…. if everyone is ready to proceed.

9. We are told by a “reliable source” that DA Isky has agreed with me, that the “Fixit six” violated the Open Meeting Act, and it is grounds for removal by the Commissioners. Will they EVER act, or is it going to take criminal charges?

10. Speaking of criminal charges, the Sheriff advises he is going to refer my written complaint EITHER to the DA or the OSBI. Which is it Sheriff, and when? We hope no more delay.

11. Violation of the Open Meeting Act is taken as a serious offense ELSEWHERE. Five (5) members of the State Pardon and Parole Board were charged in violations in Oklahoma County, and have admitted their guilt. No word yet on what sentence they will be given. Carries up to a year in the County Jail and/or a fine.

12. Is Sherman Weaver worried about this? Could be, he was absent from the last MESTA Board meeting.

13. I appreciate all of your interest, and postings. We now have a Facebook page for the site too. Check it out, Like it, and post your comments there too.

14. For those interested in the Public Comment draft I have submitted to the Commissioners, I have posted it in this blog.

Thanks for your interest in better government. Let me know how I can help. Judge Dean

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