MESTA to be ELIMINATED, has been recovered

(Note: I have recovered this post from my Samsung Tab 3 Tablet – bless it – and am retyping it here:

Today, Wednesday, March 5 in a personal conversation with Alva Martin, I was told: “We’re consulting with the District Attorney regarding dissolving and eliminating MESTA, so the Commissioners can take over the operations, and maybe settle down this mess.” This is about a direct quote as far as I can remember it, without a recording.

I told Commissioner Martin that I thought that was a very bad idea. That I thought that MESTA was running well, was profitable, and that any problems that had existed which resulted in the replacement of respected and well qualified Bard Members should have, and could have been discussed and worked out. Martin emphasized that the takeover of the 911 dispatch function was a done deal, and they weren’t  backing off!

NOTE added May 4: Later this same morning Martin appeared at the 911 center, according to reports “Raising Hell”, threatening to fire dispatchers, dissolve MESTA, and generally engaging in improper behavior in a place where visitors are restricted from visiting. I understand that an “Incident Report” was prepared. I requested a copy from Rick Langkamp, and he was advised by the MESTA attorney it should not be released under the Open Records Act. The reason was that the Action of Alva created “A Hostile Work Environment” for employees, and this could result in legal action against the County and MESTA. Guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. \

We both agreed that the current situation was “out of hand” and needed to be diffused. We disagreed however in the methods to accomplish this. Martin seems to think that the way to tone down this dissent is to dissolve MESTA, and the problems would go away. I believe however, this is only the beginning of his problems. More later in posts which follow.

My opinion on the other hand is that the problems began with the Commissioners and others effort to take over the 911 dispatch functioning from MESTA. It wasn’t broke, and they tried to fix it. Replacement of the Fixit Six”{my term for the recently appointed Board Members who appear to have an “Agenda” and have shown by their actions that they are NOT operating in the best interests of the citizens of Mayes County), has just accelerated the discourse. Replacement of these 6 directors would do much to restore MESTA to the smooth, and efficient services and operations they have exhibited! Much more than dissolving MESTA, which will only increase discord.

What can you do? TCA!

Tell your friends! Post your thoughts to this blog for all to see;

Contact the Commissioners, contact email addresses elsewhere in this blog.

Attend the Commissioners meetings at 9:30 every Monday at the Courthouse.

Glad to be able to repost this! Those who commented before, feel free to comment again with whatever your think!


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7 thoughts on “MESTA to be ELIMINATED, has been recovered”

  1. I personally worked for Mesta as a dispatcher years ago. It was a mess then. I have been VERY impressed with the way MESTA had been running in the black business wise. Why try to fix something that is NOT broke. It was always broke before. Leave it alone. Commissioners need to worry about their own pastures and quit looking over the fences to see what others should be doing. Good grief.

    1. Connie, when did you work for MESTA? I’ll bet it was before Rickt Langkamp came to work to straighten out the mess!

      Did you know Commissoners Yoder and Martin have been trying to fire Rick? This was their motive in replacing good Board Members with the “Fixit Six”.

      The OSBI has my complaint against the Six, but don’t believe they have started the investigation yet. Hope they start soon!


  2. Forgot to mention Rick Langkamp is scheduled for back surgery next Monday. Too many years of lifting ambulance cots! He is expected to be off work about 2 weeks, then a bunch of physical therapy.

    Let’s all keep him in our thoughts and prayers. If you want to send your best wishes, his email is

    1. Should have mentioned this earlier, but following surgery Rick had a case of continuous hiccups day and night for about a week following his surgery. FINALLY, the Doctor prescribed a medication which stopped it. Can you imagine how it must have hurt following back surgery? Thank goodness he is now back at work. Join us at the MESTA Board Meeting June 10th, at the MESTA headquarters at 5:00 pm. Hope to see you there.

  3. RECOVERED COMMENTS: As I was going through my email trying to clean it up, I discovered one I had written some time ago to District Attorney Janice Steidley. In that email, I had copied some comments from the blog, and pasted them into the email to her. I have copied these comments from the email, and have pasted them below.

    The Recovered Comments

    “Quick Question Judge. I’m No Person with Any Legal Background but I’m Wondering If the Violation of the Open Meeting Act Is Against the Law, in Any Sense? And If So, If this Law Was Broken by the “Fix it Six”, Why Is Law Enforcement Not Investigating the Matter? Does it Just Take a Call to the Sheriff?

    My Response to the above Comment:

    Yes, it Is a Misdemeanor. The Sheriff Can’t Prosecute it since the Offense Was Not Committed in His Presence, So the District Attorney must File the Complaint. Of Course the District Attorney Represents the County Commissioners, and the County Commissioners Appointed the Violating Members……. You May Want to Contact the District Attorney’s Office and Ask That it Be Prosecuted, Would Be Interested in What They Say. Of Course “Public Corruption” Should Be of Interest to Them, So Call Their Attention to this Matter. Did I Hear Someone Whisper “Grand Jury” in the Background? (Grin) the Applicable Statute for Violation of the “Open Meeting Act” Is Quoted Below:

    Section 536. Penalty for Violation.

    Any Person or Persons Willfully Violating Any of the Provisions of this Act Shall Be Guilty of a Misdemeanor and upon Conviction Shall Be Punished by a Fine Not Exceeding Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) or by Imprisonment in the County Jail for a Period Not Exceeding One (1) Year or by Both Such Fine and Imprisonment. (25-314)

    Another Comment by Richard Head:

    What a Bunch of Spineless Cowards!! If You Have an Opinion Stand up and Voice It!!! Don’t Hide Your Words, That’s How We Ended up with a Douchebag for President, That’s How We End up with Idiots in Political Offices Period!! Our County Roads Suck and It’s Because the People in Charge Refuse to Take Responsibility for the Ones Who “Repair”

    Then, if this “Takeover” Was to Happen, What Kind of Mess Do You Think Mesta Would Be In??? Everybody Reading this Needs to Drive to Each County Barn, Take Pictures, Then Drive to Mesta and Take Pictures, Lay Them Side by Side and See What Kind of Contrast You Have in the Condition of These Places, I Can Guarantee That the County Barns Are a Freaking Mess, the Commissioners Are So Busy That They Can’t Visit Their Respective Barns and Make the County Paid Employees Straighten Them Up??? That Says a Lot about How Much They Care and What Kind of Operation They Run…. I Damn Sure Don’t Want to Rely on an Ambulance That Is Maintained on the Same Principles and Care as Our County Trucks and Equipment!!!! Get off of the Power Trip, Leave Mesta Alone and Quit Trying to Bring down an Organization to the Same Level You Operate on So You Can Increase the County Budget, You Should Use Mesta as an Example as How to Operate and Control What You Are Already in Charge Of, until the Commissioners Can Get Their Own Shit Straight They Need to Leave Everything Else Alone!!!!

    Another Comment:

    Yes Richard and Didn’t Alva Martin Say, at One Time, He Welcomed Lawsuits?

    Amen Richard Head

    Yoder Needs to Leave Also. Good Christian Men They Are. Hummm

    Another Comment by Leona Fibble:

    Well, Well, Well. I Do Believe it Is Time for a Grand Jury. If Rogers County Can Do It, So Can You All. You Can Even Do it Right Now Knowing the “Mistakes” That the Roger’s County Citizens Did. I Am Sure That the Rogers County Sheriff Wouldn’t Mind Talking to a Few of You. And Yes, it Is Time for a New County Commissioner and from What I Understand, Alva Martin Is Not Running Again. Thank Your Lucky Stars on this If it Is True, but I Would Not Put Anything past a “Pinocchio”. And Addressing Another Matter: from Hearing from Employees and Some Citizens, They Are Too Afraid to Stand up Against Them Because of Retaliation. There Are Incidences of This, Therefore, They Are Scared and Rightfully So.

    So, Do They Stand up at the County Commissioner’s Meetings or the Mesta Board Meetings and Risk Retaliation or Do They Keep Quite Just So They Can Feed Their Families and Keep a Roof over Their Head? Hard Question to Answer for Those Individuals That Are Involved. I Would Hate to Be in Their Spot. And for Finding Someone That Wants to Run for County Commissioner, this May Be Harder than What You All Think. If I Am Correctly Hearing This, District 1 and District 3 Are Up. If the “Bad Ones” Can Find Someone to Run Against Ryan Ball and Somehow Push Him out and the Same Goes for District 1, You Are All in a Uphill Battle. District 1 Is the Best Bet in Attempting to Find a Candidate That Is of Good Moral Values and Has the Common “Cents” to Do the Job. But I Promise You, What the “Fixit 6″ Has Planned or the 3 Stooges Have up Their Sleeve Will Be Kept in Secret until the Last Minute.

    So Posting Your Plans on this Website Fuels the Fire. Keep the Information to Yourself and Maybe the Best Bet Is to Directly Email Rt. Judge Dean and Let Him Know What Has Been Heard or Founded or Planned by You All. I Promise You, Those 9 Are Watching this Site like a Hawk. And I Hope They Do Because They Should See How Well They Are “Liked” in Mayes County! Move on Little Ones, Move On!

    My Response to the Above:

    With All Due Respects, Leona, Commissioner Ryan Ball Is Not in Cohorts with the Other Two!

    He Is a Strong Supporter of MESTA, and its Current Management. Please Don’t Include Him in the Same Class as the Other Two!

    I Pray They Can Work this out & Get it Resolved. It Will Not Be Safe for Anyone to Be Without this Service. A Person Never Knows When They Might Need It. Please Work the Problems Out.

    Another Response:

    Yes Judge, Election Time Is When We Can Finally Put an End to All This, but What Will Happen Between Now and Then? There Is a Lot of Time Between Now and Then. How Many Lives Will Be Lost Due to the Incompetence of Two Elected Officials and a Handful of People Behind the Scenes Pushing Them? The Possibility Is Real. The Big Kicker Is That the Taxpayers of Mayes County Will Be Responsible for Paying off the Debts of the Lawsuits That Will Follow.

    How Do You Start a Grand Jury Investigation?

    Does Anyone Know the Process Required to Remove Mr. Martin from Office? I Honestly Think That Is the Solution to the Problems Plaguing Our County.

    This All Stems from Statements Made Many Years Ago from Mr. Janzen Concerning Mr. Langkamp. Mr. Janzen Has Such a Hate for Mr. Langkamp That He Doesn’t Care What Gets Destroyed as Long as Mr. Langkamp Is Somehow Punished for the Way Mr. Janzen Feels He Was Mistreated While in the Employ of Mr. Langkamp. None of this That Is Going on Has Anything to Do with the Betterment of the Citizens of Mayes County. In Fact If it Goes the Way That These People Want it to Go, You, the Citizens of Mayes County, Will More than Likely Have a Person Running Mesta Who Can’t Even Take Care of Their Own Finances, and Will Be a Puppet to Those Who Have No Desire to See Anything Succeed Except Themselves.

    This Is a Direct Vendetta Towards Mr. Langkamp From the 6 Board Members, Mr. Martin, Mr. Yoder, and Mrs. Janzen for Her Failure in Being Able to Retain the Overpriced Insurance That She Was Charging Mesta. The Cancer Is Not Just Those Outside of Mesta, but it Has Also Spread to a Few Within the Organization Itself. With All That Said, Without an Outside Investigation into the Workings of the Mayes County Commissioners Things Will Continue to Deteriorate until You Call 911 and No One with Any Experience Will Answer the Phone and Send a Piece of Junk Ambulance to Your House with People in it Who Don’t Really Care about Your Problem.

    In All of this You Can Tell They Are Thinking about Their 6 and No More. So Sad. My Parents Are Getting up in Age and I Want Mesta to Be Here for Generations to Come! Most of the People up at Mesta Are Amazing. They Want to Save Lives. Their Seem to Be a Few That Want to Try to Ride the Fence. My Opinion You Need to Make a Choice Your Either for Them or Not. Mesta Had Nothing Before Rick Became Director. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul. Why Try to Tear down Something So Great in Your Community?????? Greed Gets You Know Where in the End!

    Another Comment:

    I for One Have Been Against this 911 Take Over. The 911 Center Scored a 9.5 out of a Possible 10 Before this Take Over. The Dispatchers That Are Hired to Run the 911 Center Are Not Certified Fire or Medical Dispatchers, So That Means That Anyone Could’ve Applied for the Job. I’ve Been Listening and Doing Times from When the Call Was Received to When Mesta or the Fire Department Was Paged out and it Has Been 2-8 Times Longer than Last Week. There Have Been a Few Calls Come into the 911 Center and it Took over 15 Minutes to Page out a Fire Department Even If They Paged out the Correct One for That Matter! For Medicals over 10 Minutes. Yes Mr. Martin, Yoder, and Janzen You Surely Have Made Mayes County 911 Center Better and Safer for the People of this Great County! I Just Hope That None of My Family Is Affected by this Stupidity and Ignorance! None of You Know What You Are Doing When it Comes to Medical or Fire Related Things. You Care Nothing for the Safety of the People of Mayes County!”

    This Concludes the Copied Comments: If any of you brave enough to read this through have copied any of the blog comments to an email like I did, please send me a copy so I can do further restoration of deleted comments.

    1. Well, it was an interesting day at the Commissioners meeting this morning, June 9th.Just before the meeting was called to order, I was discussing with Sheriff Mike Reed, the fact that my card for access to the law library wasn’t working. Commissioner Alva Martin chimed in with “Dean, are you still a lawyer?” I answered of course, I just didn’t do much at the Courthouse other than attend Commissioner’s Meetings. Alva responded “Well, we’re just going to have to have a discussion as to whether you should have access to the Courthouse!”.

      Needless to say, everyone who heard it was flabbergasted! I asked Sheriff Mike later what he thought about Alva’s comment. He said he really didn’t know, he was just “Stirring the Pot” I guess. Well, I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens at next week’s County Commissioners Meeting. Stay tuned for a report next week, or better yet, come to the meeting and see for yourself!

      Been trying to find a new word to use for Commissioner Martin. I coined the “Fixit Six” for the 6 MESTA Board Members. I think perhaps I should start referring to Alva Martin as Alva “Spoil it All” Martin! What do you think? Let me know if you can come up with something else. January 1st when he retires will not come soon enough!

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