It’s County Election Time Again in 2018

The Election Dates

June 26 Primary Election

Last day to register to vote: June 1
Deadline to request absentee ballot: 5 p.m. June 20wpid-2014-04-13-12.31.28.png.png
Early voting: Thursday, June 21, 8 AM – 6 PM
Friday, June 22 8 AM – 6 PM
Saturday, June 23 9 AM – 2 PM
August 28 Runoff Primary
ElectionsLast day to register to vote:
Aug. 3 Deadline to request absentee ballot: 5 p.m.
Early voting: Thursday, Aug. 23, 8 AM – 6 PM
Friday, Aug. 24, 8 AM – 6 PM
Saturday, Aug. 25 9 AM – 2 PMwpid-2014-04-13_12.07.18.png
November 6 General Elections
Last day to register to vote: Oct. 12
Deadline to request absentee ballot: 5 p.m. Oct. 31
Early voting: Thursday, Nov. 1, 8 AM – 6 PM
Friday, Nov. 2, 8 AM – 6 PM
Saturday, Nov. 3, 9 AM – 2 PM

Click for Voter Information, State Election Board

District Judge

The Candidates have been requested to submit information which will be posted as soon as received.

Shawn S. Taylor

Misty Fields –

Office: 20 Court Place, Pryor, OK 74361; Email:

Campaign website: Her platform from her website is:

Serving Our Community for a Better Tomorrow

Misty Fields is dedicated to improving District 12.  In addition to her work as an indigent defense attorney, she volunteers her services as an accredited CLEET instructor to provide continuing legal education to local law enforcement. Misty also donates her time through Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma to give pro bono legal representation for under privileged families in District 12

Working Hard for What is Right Not What is Easy

Misty Fields is self-made.  She did not come from wealth, privilege or power. Misty’s family was not able to give her material things or money.  Instead, her parents instilled within her determination, fortitude and a strong work ethic.  Misty works hard everyday and has since she made the decision to put herself through law school as a single mother.

Standing Her Ground for Justice

Misty Fields does not back down from a challenge.  She is a passionate advocate for the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Oklahoma. Misty has successfully challenged unconstitutional laws in Oklahoma and ultimately forced their repeal. She has also challenged the local powers that be in her continuing battle to uphold the Oklahoma and United States Constitutions.

Associate District Judge

Rebecca J. Gore – rebeccagore

Judge Gore, presently serving as an appointed Special District Judge since October 2010 has filed, and has not drawn an opponent to fill the seat being vacated in January by Shawn S. Taylor.  Judge Gore has an outstanding record in her present position, and we are confident she will continue to serve the County well in her new position.

County Commissioner Candidates:

Bonnie Ruth Kerr – 

Democrat. 443007 E 3986 Rd, Vinita, OK 74301. Email:

Carl William Reed –

Democrat. 4480 E 420 Rd, PO Box 393, Adair, OK 74330    Email:

Billy Kevin Whiteside – Incumbent

Democrat. 2520 N 432 Rd., Adair, OK 74330 Email:

Dwayne Moffett –

Republican. 4546 E 480 Rd., Pryor, OK 74361

Facebook page

The job description for a County Commissioner is one of administration and Dwayne Moffett Candidate 01management. Being neither a politician or a county employee, I will offer a fresh perspective to the business of District 1 and Mayes County.

Personal / Family:

1: I attended Grade / Middle school in Chouteau and Graduated from Locust Grove High School.  We are long time Mayes County residence.

2: Married for 50+ years to Patricia Moffett

3: We have 2 Daughters and 6 grand children who are all residence of District 1.


Business Experience

1: Small business owner. 40+ years of experience in business, construction and technology industries.

2: Owner of American Automation, Inc.  located in MAIP

Vision / Goals

1: Complete transparency for all County operations and meetings.

2: Create a workable master plan for safe roads and bridge in all of District 1.   Also working this plan will be a priority.

3: Modernize county operations, using the latest technology available.

4: Streamlining operation where possible, using the most cost-effective method.

5: Explore outside sources of revenue and provide an environment for economic growth throughout District 1.

Mayes County can become a magnet county, a destination for jobs and recreation, drawing our families back to work here and raise their families. This is very important to me, because this county has been good for our family and we want to see it get better for all. I ask for your vote at the primary, June 26, 2018 or during early voting so I can continue my quest to the general election for District 1,


Matt Swift –

Republican. 10637 E 400 Rd., Strang, OK 74367 – No email address was listed with the County Election Board.

The Candidates have been requested to submit information which will be posted as soon as received.

Congress, District 2

ELIJAH McINTOSH 12885 W Mossy Oak Ln Tahlequah OK 74464
JASON NICHOLS PO Box 597 Tahlequah OK 74465
CLAY PADGETT PO Box 270 Soper OK 74759
JARRIN JACKSON PO Box 31 Oologah OK 74053
BRIAN JACKSON 3105 Cherry Pl Muskogee OK 74403
MARKWAYNE MULLIN PO Box 3681 Muskogee OK 74402
JOHN McCARTHY PO Box 3808 Bernice OK 74331
RICHARD CASTALDO PO Box 452591 Grove OK 74345
JOHN FOREMAN PO Box 1507 Tahlequah OK 74465


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Christmas 🎄 Wishes

It’s been a wonderful year for us, even with my broken leg and almost a month in the rehab hospital. And Tracey with her mom at St. Johns for a 4 weeks, and just getting home December 18th.

Our front door.

Santa 🎅 is arriving early, with some help from FedEx, and UPS.

We finally got our Christmas lights up. I hope you enjoy the video.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. We hope you have a safe, happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

One other thing to share, our new Christmas 🎄 tree.

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Massachusetts: Criminal Justice Corruption

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School Attacks: Saving Lives Or Saving Face, Part 2–2017

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In An Instant Art Show

Happy Labor Day Weekend, keep safe!

Thought some might be interested in getting some cash using your artistic  🎨 skills. Visit the Locust Grove Arts website for details.

Not much happening on the local government side since Meredith Frailey took over Darrell Yoder’s seat as County Commissioner, and is doing an excellent job keeping Kevin Whiteside doing the right thing.

Source: In An Instant Art Show

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A new look at global ethics and The Four-Way Test

A good source for a couple of your New Years Resolutions.

We the 4

By RI Director-elect Lars-Olof Fredricksson

Moral codes and ethics give us tools but also raise questions to be answered: How should we live? What is morally good and bad, right and wrong? Shall we aim at happiness or knowledge? Virtue or the creation of beautiful objects? If we choose happiness, will it be our own or the happiness of all?

View original post 764 more words

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Dirty Politics at its Worst – MESTA Board

Rick Langkamp fired as Executive Director without cause!

At the MESTA (Mayes Emergency Services Trust Authority) Board meeting on June 14, 2016, Dirty Politics reached a new low! Five of the Board members,  Trent Peper, Chairman, Rob Foreman, Sherman Weaver, Steve Hall, and Dr. Jason Joice,  who have special personal interests, not in the public interest, or the interests of MESTA, voted to terminate Rick Langkamp as Director of MESTA, without any cause being given. Board Members Larry Williams, Don Berger, Leon Blankenship, and Brent Crittenden voted against the motion to terminate.

Langkamp has served with distinction as Executive Director of MESTA since 2003. He has NEVER received a negative evaluation by the Board, nor any disciplinary action, nor instructed to accomplish any task which he has not done. No reasons were given for his termination, although information requested multiple times prior to the meeting.

He took over MESTA leadership when there was a terrible mess to clean up. It was losing money, equipment was in poor mechanical condition, employee training was not as it should be, and times taken for an ambulance response took longer than they should. Employee morale was at a low. Rick cleaned all of this mess up. MESTA began earning a profit, response times, morale, and training improved, and the public was well served.

This 5 to 4 vote has been in the planning stages for months, and is a result of Mayes County Commissioners Darrel Yoder, and Kevin Whiteside refusing since January to ratify two MESTA Board Members appointed by the City of Pryor, and the Town of Locust Grove. The 5 major towns in Mayes County are each permitted to appoint 1 member of the MESTA Board, and each of the 3 County Commissioners are allowed 2 appointments each, for a 11 member Board.  The Commissioners are required to confirm the appointments of the City/Town Board Members, but have refused to do so.

Pryor has twice submitted local civic leader and Realtor Harriet Dunham as its representative. She is a well respected member of this community, and has previously served with distinction as a MESTA Board Member. Two times, upon Motion by County Commissioner Ryan Ball, Yoder and Whiteside refused to second the motion, and it died.

Locust Grove has twice submitted the name of local CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Eric Sanford as its nominee, (January 4th and 14th)   and again a Motion by Ball died for lack of a second. Sanford then withdrew his name, and the Locust Grove Town Trustees submitted Jodi Dunham as its nominee. Jodi had previously served as a MESTA Board Member from 2000 to 2010. She served as a Certified EMT “Working Street Medic, and Training Medic” with Tulsa EMSA Ambulance Authority for 18 years from 1983 to 2001. Yoder and Whiteside wouldn’t confirm her as the Locust Grove representative! Why?? Dirty Politics!

Locust Grove on April 1, 2016, filed a Petition for Writ of Mandamus to require the Board of County Commissioners to approve Jodi Dunham as its nominee. Case Number CJ-16-32 is still pending before Judge Terry McBride, with no scheduled hearings set.

Why was Langkamp Fired?

We believe itt all goes back to a matter of CONTROL by Yoder and Whiteside, and prior thereto Commissioner Alva Martin want control of the MESTA and its money, contrary to the provisions of the Trust.  The MESTA Trust Indenture  (click link to view Indenture)  recorded in the office of the County Clerk of Mayes County at Book 654 and Pages 46 and following specifically provides in Article X, Section 2 as follows:

“The Beneficiary, (Mayes County Commissioners) shall have no legal title, claim or right to the Trust Estate, its income, or to any part thereof, or to demand or require any partition or distribution thereof. Neither shall the Beneficiary have any authority, power or right whatsoever to do or transact any business for or on behalf of or binding upon the Trustees or upon the Trust Estate, nor the right to control or direct the actions of the trustees pertaining to the trust Estate, or any part thereof….” Emphasis added. 

Under Langkamp’s 18 years of service, MESTA upgraded its staff, stations, service response, and operated at a profit. It had over One Million Dollars Profits in reserved funds for future improvements and equipment purchases, and the Commissioners wanted it! They “Stacked” the MESTA Board to try to get it, and refused to appoint qualified Board members who would oppose their unlawful efforts.

Langkamp has filed an action in the District Court seeking to remove for cause, MESTA Board Members Peper, Weaver, and Joice, and seeking damages and other relief. We wish him well, as ALL informed citizens of our county should do.

Outrageous Attorney fees and billing practices:

We were shocked to recently learn that James Orbison, General Counsel for MESTA has through his firm, billed MESTA over $100,000 in attorney fees the past 12 months. His billing for the past month was about $13,000, and we are informed that about $10,000 of that amount was not documented or detailed, except to Mr. Peper, who was the Board Member who recommended hiring Orbison following the resignation of local attorney Fred Sordahl. The resignation was based on the refusal of Peper, and 5 other board member aligned with him and the Commissioners to follow legal advice, and engage in what Sordahl characterized as improper conduct by these members. These board members have been previously designated in this Blog, and called “The Fixit Six”! 

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PLEASE COMMENT BELOW, and share this information.


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